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Here's a super white paint that reflects 95.5% of sunlight and cools buildings

Of course, in such a situation it can be said that air conditioning is a much easier way to get too high a temperature in buildings, but this unfortunately brings with it a few problems. Firstly, it requires regular cleaning and skillful use so that it does not adversely affect your health, and secondly, it consumes huge amounts of energy, usually not the green one. In this context, paint that allows the simple principles of physics to work, saying that white surfaces and objects reflect the sun's rays better, so they remain cooler, can be a bull's eye - especially as some research shows that painting most buildings white can cool ... whole cities!

Chinese will protect children from "addictive digital content"

We all know very well that addiction is a huge problem today, which the coronavirus pandemic only exacerbates, because when we are locked at home and have more time to "think", unfortunately we often resort to various types of stimulants - from boredom, stress, fear and many others causes. In the case of young Chinese society, it is said that most often it is digital content, so the authorities intend to introduce serious restrictions to protect minors. According to the Reuters news agency, the Chinese have just voted a law that completely bans products and services that can cause and aggravate addiction in children.

Toronto starts with tests of autonomous buses. This is the future of city travel

We recently wrote that after such tests, Waymo was given the green light to operate to its full extent, so although initially there will be a safety driver in Toronto vehicles who is ready to take over the steering wheel at any moment, autonomous vehicles are entering our lives in small steps. These vehicles are the autonomous Olli 2.0 kennels, which can carry up to 8 people and are equipped with ramps that enable disabled people using wheelchairs to use them.

The Japanese, however, will discharge contaminated water from Fukushima into the Pacific Ocean

The Japanese make it clear that they are no longer able to contain such huge amounts of contaminated water. For two years there has been a lot of talk about draining water from reservoirs into the Pacific Ocean, but these plans met with great resistance from fishermen. Now the Japanese authorities finally decided to carry out such an action in 2022.

A hungry Pole is a Poleā€¦ with memory problems. The latest research is surprising

In 2018, a team of scientists from the aforementioned university published their research on the cognitive repercussions of interruptions in gut-brain communication, focusing on the vagus nerve, the longest of the cranial nerves, which mediate communication between the digestive system and the brain. When scientists disrupted this communication in animals during their research, they also compromised their ability to perform the proper feeding behavior, which they, of course, expected. They did not expect that this mechanism would also impair cognitive abilities, such as memory, which may indicate that the vagus nerve also plays a previously unknown role in memory function.

Ice Age traces tell a unique story of mother and child

According to scientists, these are the longest continuous human traces that we have managed to find, because they stretch for over 1.5 km, and they are doubly unique, because they also tell the story of a certain journey. Footprints have been preserved in Kevir, the exposed bottom of a drainless periodic lake in White Sands National Park - an American national park located in the state of New Mexico, which is characterized by the sandy white deserts included in the name. It is an area well known for hundreds of thousands of traces of a variety of animals that lived during the ice age, including mammoths, mega-terraces, saber-toothed tigers, dire wolves, buffalo and of course humans.

A hole in the space house has been detected. The tea helped. The crack is serious

NASA and Roscosmos announced that the leak was detected thanks to ... tea leaves. You read that right. The astronauts launched a few leaves into the air, and the microgravity and vacuum of space have done their job. Leaves like sailboats crossed the deck of the International Space Station and eventually stuck to the micro-hole.

The first room temperature superconductor was created. This is a great breakthrough

Yes, we do have MRI and MRI, but we could have had much more were it not for the limitations of using extremely low temperatures. Scientists from the University of Rochester, led by Rank Dias, however, announced a breakthrough in this area and the development of the first material capable of superconducting at room temperature. This would overcome one of the biggest hurdles to the widespread use of superconducting materials that normally only functioned below -140 degrees Celsius, so they needed expensive equipment to provide the right environment.

SpaceX will demonstrate the Starship refueling technology in orbit

NASA announced new plans for the Artemis program, the first flight to the Silver Globe in the 21st century and the construction of bases there. The agency wants to implement a very interesting idea that appeared decades ago, but now it will finally become reality. Well, it's about the technology of refueling rockets in space.

Dogs serving in the US military will be equipped with augmented reality goggles

The Pentagon initiated a very interesting experiment that aims to increase the efficiency of teamwork of dogs and soldiers. Dogs still play and will play a significant role in all sorts of missions for a long time and they often provide military protection. The only problem, however, is the difficult communication between humans and pets.