Audio Will cassettes repeat the success of vinyls? It looks like it because the walkmans are coming back to grace

If you have a large collection of cassette tapes somewhere in the closet or basement, but you have not heard them for a long time, we have great news. See the latest Bluetooth player from the kickstarter campaign.

Do not kid yourself, a portable cassette player is not a device that every one of us needs in our lives, especially in the age of streaming services, but as we often know we are nostalgic, so this crowdfunding campaign should not surprise us too much. Especially that the cult Walkman from Sony celebrates its 40th birthday this week, so it’s hard to imagine a better opportunity.

As we can read on the campaign website, the device IT’S OK Bluetooth 5.0 from NINM Lab brings a new look at the romanticism of audio tapes from the eighties. As the name implies, the player is compatible with Bluetooth wireless speakers and headphones, but according to the spirit of tradition, we also find a classic 3.5 mm jack for wired headphones.

As in the original solution, here we can also watch the cassette while working through the transparent door, we even have classic scrolling options, a belt clip and a special button for recording, so everything is as it should be. What’s more, although the player’s campaign lasts until August 5, it has already been funded – the authors collected over 20 thousand dollars, and their goal was 12,836 USD. And how much you need to pay to get your copy?

Quite a lot, because at least USD 75, but what you do not do for beautiful memories 🙂 Delivery of the device is scheduled for December this year, but as often happens on Kickstarter, you have to reckon with the possibility of delays – besides, international clients must be ready to cover any taxes and handling fees. There are three color versions to choose from – white, pink and blue. What do you think about it? Do you want to be tempted and put a hand on the return of old, worn-out cassette tapes?


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