Nature Gigantic birds also inhabited Europe. They were 3.5 meters high and weighed half a ton


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Nature simply does not cease to surprise us and literally every now and then you can hear about another unique discovery from even millions of years ago, and the latest one concerns a very high prehistoric bird. Some time ago, we wrote that a group of Australian paleontologists found the most complete of a fully-grown
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Forget about the notes and cameras being removed from the case. Oppo showed the future of smartphone development, which will come to the mobile devices of Chinese manufacturers as early as next year. See in action the first prototype with such an invention. Recently, we could see the hidden webcam under the display on the
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Trump’s Huawei blacklisting was a huge blow to the company. We all knew that this decision must affect the sale of smartphones, but it was difficult to talk about any specific numbers. According to Bloomberg, Huawei will sell significantly fewer smartphones outside of China than in previous years. The number of devices is to fall
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