Elon Musk further claims that we should nuclear bomb the Red Planet

More recently, the billionaire suggested the occupation of Mars, and now he reminded everyone that he once wanted to turn him into a second Earth with nuclear weapons. By the way, he wants to make several million dollars on his idea.

The head of SpaceX, on his Twitter profile, posted a very mysterious and controversial entry: Nuke Mars! However, those who follow this eccentric fan of space and the latest technology know well that this is a reference to his earlier plans for the colonization of this planet by humans top web guides. Along with his call, Musk began selling a T-shirt with the same inscription in his store.

Another unusual gadget from the head of SpaceX can be purchased for $ 25. This is not an exorbitant price, but we can be sure that, like in the case of Let’s take Mars and flamethrowers t-shirt, Musk will earn a few million dollars on them, which he will later spend on implementing his great space plans. Maybe we can even count on the purchase of several nuclear bombs.

Musk announced a few years ago that if the transformation of the Red Planet into the other Earth were in his hands, he would have no hesitation in using the most powerful weapon that mankind has created so far. With the help of tens or hundreds of warheads, the billionaire would like to bomb the polar carbon rich regions of this planet.

As you probably guessed, huge amounts of CO2 will be released into the atmosphere, creating a greenhouse effect. In this way, the surface would gradually warm up and eventually there would be favorable conditions for the development of biological life, as it is on Earth. The plan seems crazy and difficult to implement. And so it is in reality, but if we want to do it in 100-200 years, when the flight to the Red Planet will be cheap as borscht, such a vision will become quite real and technically feasible.

Musk will soon present the details of the construction of the Starship ship and the SuperHeavy rocket as well as a new plan for the first flight to Mars, as well as the construction of the first human colonies there. Then we will certainly learn more about thoughtful ideas to transform this world into our second home.



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