Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies in English

Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies in English

Free Streaming Sites to Watch Movies in English


It’s rare to watch new movies on free TV channels today. And even if some channels broadcast regularly, it often happens when you do not have time to watch them. Hence the success of major streaming platforms such as Netflix. The worry is that these platforms are paying. But today we will show you a solution to watch english movies online for free and without having any problems with the authorities. Let’s start right away.

I do not know about you but me, in front of my computer, when I’m not working on an article for SOStuto, most of the time I’m watching a good movie. This is my favorite hobby. So here in this article are the best free streaming sites to watch full movies in English for free online.

You have two ways to consume movies and series: watch them free streaming without downloading or downright downloading them to your computer and / or smartphone for later viewing. Here we will focus on the first way.

To watch streaming movies for free, it will of course have to go through the internet. But on which site? This is what we will see to start this article. Knowing all the more that we should do without Netflix and all that is pay platform .

But do not worry, before writing this article, we did our little research and according to the information we collected, here are the sites where you can watch streaming movies in the most free.

Internet streaming is legal?

It is believed that free streaming is legal because most free streaming sites do not specify that it is illegal to watch movies on their sites yet they make money with all these ads on their sites but is it they pay the broadcast fees? NO, surely not. This proves that it is not illegal.

However HADOPI (High Authority for the dissemination of works and the protection of rights on the Internet) attacks illegal downloading (especially in torrent) and not streaming because it is unrecognizable (your IP is not identifiable by others users). So as long as it is not punishable by law, we continue to believe that it is allowed (legal?) And we continue the free streaming.

Vipmovies is the free streaming site I visit every day. It has a nice interface even on mobile. It offers movies, series and anime distributed in all categories. Vipmovies is a reference for its quality and the number of hosts offered. It provides streaming and download service for high quality series and films.


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