German trailer for 972 Breakdowns – By Land to New York The films title says it all

German trailer for “972 Breakdowns – By Land to New York”: The film’s title says it all

In “972 Breakdowns – By Land to New York” five artists go on the bike across Russia in order to New York to come, and they have a total of 972 mishaps. Here is the trailer of the documentary:

“972 Breakdowns – By land to New York” is one of those films where the title says almost everything you need to know: In the documentary, the five artists have the collective leaving home function on the overland route to New York made – namely on the longest possible path always towards the east, all the way across Russia.

The route they covered a distance of Ural motorcycles (and if necessary on a raft), the old Soviet bikes have obviously taken care of one way or another mishap. The two and a half years that were necessary for completing the distance, allowed the artists, however, to deal intensively with the population along its path to New York City …

“972 Breakdowns – By Land to New York” by leaving home function and director Daniel RĂ¼diger starts on September 3, 2020 in German cinemas. More information, such as the motorcycles and the itinerary, there is also on the official site of the film Primewire.



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