Hong Kong protesters have had enough of surveillance and are destroying Big Brother’s eyes

Hong Kong has become the first such a characteristic place on Earth, where the murderous struggle of society with power is fought for our future life in a world of permanent surveillance and unconditional obedience.

In China, by the end of the year, 60 million city surveillance cameras are to be functioning, which will monitor every step of the citizens, and artificial intelligence will record this in the controversial Citizens’ Assessment System, and then assess whether to lower the person’s position in the credibility ranking and limit the associated privileges.

The idea behind the creation of the Social Credit System is the deepest control of citizens. Every day they are scored based on social status, achievements, contributions to the community, compliance with the law, their finances, professing the ideas propagated by the authorities and denunciations of other Chinese. The ranking helps authorities segregate citizens and reward those more distinguished for the country. They can count on a much better quality of everyday life best streaming.

The protesters do not want to agree on the implementation in Hong Kong of identical laws and related restrictions as they apply in mainland China. First of all, it is about monitoring systems and rapid extradition to China. For them this will mean a lack of freedom and total obedience to the communist authorities and all its controversial ideas. All oppositions will result in extradition to the continent and trial of strict laws.

Hong Kong residents have a lot to lose because people in lower positions in the ranking cannot take convenient loans, send children to better schools, count on better work or social assistance. After over 12 months of operation, the system has already punished over 23 million citizens. It should be emphasized here that for now the system covers a small part of society. This number is terrifying, because it is more than half of Poland, even despite the fact that nearly 1.5 billion people live in China.

The demonstrators began to massively use lasers to dazzle Big Brother cameras, and now they also decided to destroy street lamps, on which the authorities install wiretaps, sensors and cameras. Unfortunately, all indications are that the people of Hong Kong are doomed to failure, because international organizations and governments of the world do not want to go into the internal affairs of the Middle Kingdom.



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