How often do we change smartphones? Not as often as their producers would like

If you replace your smartphone every year, eagerly awaiting the premiere of the next flagship model from your favorite manufacturer, then … you are in the vast majority, or so the latest research suggests.

As we just find out, most people use one smartphone for a really long time, within 3 to 5 years, as confirmed by the survey conducted by Ting Mobile on a group of 3640 users of mobile devices. The respondents were asked not only about the frequency of smartphone replacement, but also factors such as the reason for the exchange or the amount they spent on their current model.

As for the first issue, here the answers were completely different than device manufacturers would expect, because as many as 47% of respondents declared that they had their previous smartphone for 3-5 years, and 30% of them used it for two years and only less than 5% replaced devices within 12 months. Main reason for the exchange? 32% of users admitted that they replaced the smartphone just because it stopped working as smoothly as before, 23% declared that the device was destroyed, damaged or lost, and 18% replaced it because of outdated technology.

By the way, we learned what is happening with old smartphones – 4% of people declare that the previous phone has been lost, and 42% that the device went somewhere in a drawer to never see the light of day again. However, there are people who decided to do something better with old equipment, 46% of such devices were passed on, e.g. to children, and 28% of users found a new use for them, e best tips beast.g. they use them as music players in order not to use the current battery.

The respondents also agreed that the factor they pay the most attention to when buying a new model is its price. 42% of people paid for the new smartphone USD 150-399 and only 3% admitted to spending over USD 1000, which means that the flagship models – because it is their price range – uses a fraction of us. So it seems that although more and more smartphones coming to the market offer more and more, users are still reluctant to spend larger amounts on a phone that is simply new and they are loyal to their devices until they really refuse to obey.



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