Huge problems in space with a Russian combat robot called Fedor

A humanoid robot was launched into orbit last Thursday aboard the Russian ship Soyuz MS-14. Unfortunately, Roskosmos reported that there were serious problems during the docking maneuver.

The navigation system failed, as a result of which the ship was not precisely targeted and a decision was made to safely move away from the International Space Station. However, NASA and Roscosmos mission engineers managed to overcome the problems, so the Fedor robot will be on board the space home in a few hours.

However, the developers of the robot did not anticipate that there would be any problems during the mission. The machine will now have to undergo a thorough examination, which will show if accidentally a few days without service caused a failure in its complicated electronic systems. You will also have to recharge your batteries.

Fedor will remain in the space home for some time. The machine is to learn how to survive in space directly from astronauts. Robot astronaut daily work plans will now include hours of robot training. The Russians are sure that Fedor will become a full-fledged resident of the station and ultimately will support them with its developing artificial intelligence tips dump.

Roskosmos representatives believe that the cost of people staying in space is several million dollars. The robots could easily spare them in carrying out experiments and planned tasks, and with little financial outlay. In addition, robots can stay in orbit for years, while for people such a stay would be associated with serious health problems. The future of spaceflight will therefore belong to this type of machine.

The Kremlin’s plan is also a response to the vision of Donald Trump and the Pentagon, which assumes the creation of the American Space Forces. Let us remind you that there is already a robot called CIMON from Airbus and IBM. He has advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and computational capabilities of the famous Watson. The robot looks like a bowling ball and is fully autonomous.



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