In the footsteps of Rambo

In the footsteps of “Rambo”

No big castles, no horses – just dirty and in the woods. This is how Jay Baruchel (“This is the end”) describes his upcoming “Robin Hood” film, which the Canadian compares with classics like “Rambo” and “Taxi Driver”.

The story of the English hero Robin Hood has been picked up in very different ways over the years – from Walt Disney’s cartoon classics to “Robin and Marian” with Sean Connery and Audrey Hepburn to “Time Bandits” by cult director Terry Gilliam. Not to mention the well-known, classic adaptations in which we see Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner or Russell Crowe in the role of the legendary Avenger of the Disinherited.

As Jay Baruchel now revealed to Bloody Disgusting in “The Boo Crew Podcast”, the actor and director is currently working on a new adaptation. And the Canadian, who is best known for comedies like “Tropic Thunder”, “Fanboys” and “This is the end” as well as the “How to Train Your Dragon” voice actor, does not shy away from comparisons with great classics, in the direction of which his new one is Film should go …

“Robin Hood” between “Rambo” and “Taxi Driver”

After the horror magazine talked to Baruchel about his new directorial work, the bloody slasher “Random Acts of Violence”, future projects were finally discussed losmovies. The actor didn’t want to reveal anything about some of them, but he made an exception for one.

“We have something like our version of ‘Robin Hood’. We want to do this completely wacky, crazy ‘Robin Hood’ ”, says Jay Baruchel, who does not promise a historical epic á la Ridley Scott’s“ Robin Hood ”, but will rather rely on understatement – and thereby rely all the more on the original want to orientate.

“We have something like our version of ‘Robin Hood’. We want to do this completely weird, crazy ‘Robin Hood’ ”, says Jay Baruchel,

“No damn castles, no horses – just dirt and the forest. If you take a look at the original Robin Hood material, it’s pretty crazy stuff, ”continues Baruchel, who even compares his version of the story to dirty cult classics like“ Rambo ”and“ Taxi Driver ”.

There are no further details about the project so far – except that Baruchel will once again be working with cameraman Karim Hussain for the film, who also provided the images for his current film “Random Acts Of Violence”.

When the slasher “Random Acts Of Violence”, which has just been released in the USA as VoD, with Jesse Williams (“Grey’s Anatomy”), Jordana Brewster (“Fast

Incidentally, it has been known since April that Disney is also working on a remake that will then appear directly on the Disney * streaming platform:

“Robin Hood”: Remake should be like “The Jungle Book”



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