It’s amazing, but in the quantum world the effect can occur before the cause

Scientists from the University of Vienna and Universit√© Libre de Bruxelles have recently proved that the world of quantums is even stranger and less intuitive than we thought. It’s hard to understand, but we’ll explain it soon.

Well, there may be situations in this world where the cause may also be the result of some event. In our reality, we all know exactly what it looks like. The effect in the future cannot occur before its cause, which takes place in the past. If event A is the cause of effect B, then B cannot be at the same time cause A. In the world of quantum mechanics, however, it can.

It may be easier to support the example given by the researchers: Alice enters the room with the piece of paper. After reading the message there, he erases it and writes his own message on the card. Bob enters the same room at a different time and does exactly the same – he reads the message from the paper, erases it and writes his own. If Bob enters the room after Alice – he can read what she wrote – but Alice will not be able to read Bob’s message.

In the quantum world this may look completely different. There is a state called superposition, in which one object can be in two different places simultaneously technology boss. Now scientists have been able to prove that events occurring in time can also be in a kind of superposition, which in our example will look like at the same time Alice enters the room in front of Bob and leaves her message there, and Bob enters the room in front of Alice and leaves there a message for her.

This shows that at the micro scale, i.e. at the quantum level, the usual cause-and-effect sequence is not that obvious. It is not known if such situations occur in nature, but the very possibility that they can occur there can have a great impact on the basics of quantum mechanics. Researchers believe that they should now think about where to look for superposition of cause and effect within nature.



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