Lucifer Season 5 Did you hear the reference to a Ryan Gosling masterpiece

“Lucifer” Season 5: Did you hear the reference to a Ryan Gosling masterpiece?

The second new episode “Lucifer” alludes to the hypnotic gangster film “Drive” with Ryan Gosling, which is mainly due to a jacket.

When it comes to the series “Lucifer”, we don’t think of “Drive” first, although the Los Angeles setting connects both stories. But in episode 2 of the fifth season, the Ryan Gosling neon thriller is honored with a – at least for connoisseurs – very clear allusion.

Lucifer or actually his twin brother Michael and the policewoman Chloe have delivered a little car chase through Los Angeles with a suspect. At the end of the successful interrogation, the guy is said goodbye with the following words:

“And you’re never gonna be Ryan Gosling, by the way.” (German translation: “Oh, and you don’t look like Ryan Gosling, not at all.”).

You would-be Ryan Gosling

What is unfortunately lost in the German translation is the allusion to Ryan Gosling, who embodies an extremely good escape driver in “Drive”. In contrast to the guy from “Lucifer”, Gosling’s character is very good at escaping, which he also likes to use tricks to do.

The comparison of the appearance, which is in the foreground in the German version, should be of secondary importance. It’s about Gosling’s abilities – and his jacket, on which there is a scorpion in “Drive” and a predator on the “Lucifer” counterpart:

If you haven’t seen “Drive” yet, have a look at the Moviepilot colleagues in the streaming overview CMOVIESHD. We call the poetic, brutal action drama “Drive” in our 2012 review the “coolest piece of celluloid in years”.

The 5-star review for “Drive”

You can find the first eight episodes of the fifth season of “Lucifer” on Amazon Prime Video *. We don’t yet know when the remaining episodes will appear.



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