Movies See the latest, thrilling trailer of the movie Ad Astra with Brad Pitt

After a few translations of the release date of this beautiful act from the world of sci-fi, we finally got to the final date, which is September 20 this year. Meanwhile, rejoice your eyes with the latest trailer.

What is Ad Astra ?! Well, this is a movie that tells the story of Roy McBride. He sets off into space in search of his father, Clifford McBride, played by Tommy Lee Jones. It was sent to the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčNeptune for the mission of discovering traces of extraterrestrial life. Unfortunately, he did not return from his pioneer expedition. You will see the rest in a film that can break through the cult Gravity.

In addition to Brad Pitt and Tommy Lee Jones, the cast included Liv Tyler, Ruth Negg, Donald Sutherland, Kimberly Elise and Jamie Kennedy. Meanwhile, James Gray (Lost City Z) stood behind the camera, and the script was co-written by James Gray and Ethan Gross.

Ad Astra was initially scheduled to appear in cinemas at the beginning of this year and later in May. However, the premiere was finally postponed until 20 September. Fortunately, the bank will no longer have other dates. The director apologized for the whole confusion, explaining that more than half a year of slipping was caused by his perfectionism and the desire to pamper the film, so as to reflect the space conditions in the most faithful way possible.


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