Chinese will protect children from If you see further bans in it at first glance, it is right, because we are talking about restrictions for all creators and suppliers of digital content, which may soon become illegal.

We all know very well that addiction is a huge problem today, which the coronavirus pandemic only exacerbates, because when we are locked at home and have more time to "think", unfortunately we often resort to various types of stimulants - from boredom, stress, fear and many others causes. In the case of young Chinese society, it is said that most often it is digital content, so the authorities intend to introduce serious restrictions to protect minors. According to the Reuters news agency, the Chinese have just voted a law that completely bans products and services that can cause and aggravate addiction in children.

Video game developers, streaming services, and social media will all have to put in place time and other restrictions best tips online protect minors to keep their activities legal after June 1 next year. What's more, service providers will have to take action to combat cyber bullying, and parents and guardians will be able to report specific cases to them in order to impose appropriate blocks.

minors to the relevant educational authorities. And while the idea itself once again seems right, it may be objectionable to place responsibility for children on authors and content providers, rather than on parents. Nevertheless, most of them will certainly adjust, otherwise the consequences, including financial ones, may not be swallowed. The only question is whether the problem really lies with the online content ...