Here's a super white paint that reflects 95.5% of sunlight and cools buildings It was the blackest paint in the world, now an innovative white paint has been developed, which thanks to its unique properties can lower the temperature of the building below the ambient temperature.

Of course, in such a situation it can be said that air conditioning is a much easier way to get too high a temperature in buildings, but this unfortunately brings with it a few problems. Firstly, it requires regular cleaning and skillful use so that it does not adversely affect your health, and secondly, it consumes huge amounts of energy, usually not the green one. In this context, paint that allows the simple principles of physics to work, saying that white surfaces and objects reflect the sun's rays better, so they remain cooler, can be a bull's eye - especially as some research shows that painting most buildings white can cool ... whole cities!

Therefore, for years, research has been carried out on various light-reflecting paints, including glass, Teflon, and recently titanium oxide, but all of them had some "side effects". Therefore, the newest uses a completely new recipe, and instead of titanium oxide, calcium carbonate fillers are chosen, which are more readily available, cheaper and web alpha less ultraviolet light, so they stay cooler. The paint also has a particle concentration of 60% and uses particles of different sizes, all for better diffusion of sunlight.

As a result, the new paint can reflect 95.5% of the light that falls on it, which is much more than in most other developed ideas, for which 90% is still the limit that cannot be exceeded - only the Teflon layer is better, because it reflects 98% of the light . During tests, this translated into a building temperature that is 1.7 ° C lower than the surroundings, and even 10 ° C at night. According to the researchers, this is enough not only to cool buildings but also to prevent overheating of electrical systems. And the only thing that holds back commercial use is the need to check how long the paint will last on surfaces under different conditions: - Our paint is compatible with the commercial paint manufacturing process and its cost is comparable or even lower. The key is to make sure the paint is reliable and will survive long external applications, the creators of the idea add.