Russia is testing a “military” that is independent of the global network

In the spring, the Kremlin has announced that it wants to cut off the Russian Internet space from the global network. This idea met with a huge wave of protests that continue to this day. The authorities, however, intend to implement this controversial project.

Many experts believe that the Third World War has been going on for a long time, only that it is invisible, because it takes place in the network space, where every day there is an innumerable number of cyber attacks on various strategic infrastructure of countries. Losses of such dangerous exploits are counted in millions of dollars, and some of them even lead to the disorganization of the lives of millions of people, as was the case recently in, for example, in Johannesburg, where an attack was carried out on the municipal power grid.

No wonder that the Russian government decided to cut off the country’s institutions from the global network, which is becoming an increasingly dangerous place every year. For a good start, the Kremlin has just successfully completed the test of a new closed military communication network. According to the Izvesti newspaper, the network allows large amounts of data to be transmitted at great speed over considerable distances.

The pro-Kremlin newspaper revealed that during the tests large file packages were sent for over 2,000 kilometers at 300 megabits per second. Not much, as for today’s standards, but for the army quite sufficient, if the global network fell as a result of some dangerous events or someone used it for a large-scale cyber attack.

The recent attacks on the FSB (former KGB) were a great motivation for the Kremlin to speed up its work on the creation of an independent national network. We would like to remind you that in the middle of July, the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation became the target of a powerful cyber attack, during which hackers gained access and published over 7.5 TB of extremely secret intelligence data (see here).

The Kremlin is also planning to slowly but gradually cut off the country from the global network. Here, politicians are inspired by China, which is developing and successfully implementing the latest technologies of permanent surveillance. They are to allow them to control the population, and hence to effectively fight the opposition, rebellious citizens and easier to serve their propaganda ideas.


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