Soon autonomous scooters will ride around the cities

Regardless of whether you are scooter fans or are you fed up with them, pounding on pavements and lawns, a new, autonomous version is coming, and all this to further improve transport in cities.

This is the goal of the famous company Segway-Ninebot, which intends to launch the most advanced scooter on the market called KickScooter T60. So do not be surprised when one day you see a scooter moving without anyone on a bicycle path or pavement. The company claims that humanity needs such inventions. Her vehicle is one of a kind, supervised by artificial intelligence.

The purpose of building such a three-wheel machine is obvious. It’s about savings. Now companies like Segway, Lime, Birg and Hue employ thousands of people to operate scooters. After all, they do not charge themselves, and they often have to be collected from various strange places. KickScooter T60 is to change this sad reality. The scooter will accompany itself to the rental or charging point and will always be fully ready to ride.

But it is not everything. The company also wants to create a new type of service, in which, through a dedicated application, we will call a scooter to ourselves, and it will come to us in autonomous mode. The problems with their search through the bushes will end, and their availability and practicality for city dwellers will increase significantly.

The only downside of KickScooter T60 is its price web tutorials top. As the scooter has been equipped with autonomous systems, it will be available for as much as $ 1,420. However, in the mode of rental through Ubra and Lyft, prices will be similar to ordinary vehicles of this type, and with time, as the company assures, even a lot less, due to the reduction of operating and service costs.



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