Swimming Chernobyl is heading for Chukotka. “A cataclysm may trigger a small wave”

Russia is intensively exploring the Arctic. For several years, he has been creating a well-trained white army there, which will be tasked with defending fossil fuel sources. The army needs energy that mobile nuclear reactors will provide.

RosAtom built and launched the world’s first mobile floating nuclear power plant, which was baptized with the name Akademik Lomonosow. The facility has a maximum electrical power of over 70 MW and consists of two KLT-40S reactors. Nuclear Titanic sailed on its first cruise in May 2018. Its route led through the Baltic Sea, along the coast of Sweden, the Danish Straits, the North Sea and along the coast of Norway.

Now the Kremlin has sent a floating nuclear power plant to the Arctic. It was towed to the Chukchi Autonomous District, where it will produce energy for mining platforms and local communities. Greenpeace became interested in this event. Environmentalists sound the alarm that Academician Lomonosov is a threat to the whole world. They even speak of him as a floating Chernobyl.

According to them, the Russian invention can very quickly crash, and the effects will be deplorable for millions of people top world tech. Activists emphasize that the power plant does not have its own drive, which is necessary in cruises on the sea and in the event of storms. They also believe that the object may be overturned by a small wave. Meanwhile, the Kremlin ensures that the power plant is even resistant to tsunami waves.

The problem is that tsunami waves traveling at great speed are not dangerous for vessels sailing in waters, because there they occur in the form of currents, only for people and objects on land, because then the waters accumulate and reach very far inland. Let’s just hope that there will be no catastrophe.

After the recent events with the explosion of the 9М730 Buriewiestnik (SSC-X-9 Skyfall) missile, equipped with nuclear propulsion and contamination of a large area of ​​the Nyonoks training ground, in the Arkhangelsk region, the whole world is looking at the actions of the Russian government and does not believe in its words assurances of full security .



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