The ATLAS and Valkyrie robots are getting better and better. See these robots in action

The ATLAS humanoid robot from Boston Dynamics and Valkyrie from NASA is undergoing killing training and testing at the IHMC. The effects of the engineers’ work on these machines of the future simply amaze.

Of course they are still far from us, people, but they are on their way. Both humanoid robots are currently the most advanced in the world when it comes to the mobility system. At the Institute for Human and Machine Cognition, machines have already mastered brick walking.

Researchers every now and again make further modifications in them, which allow them to move more and more efficiently, and especially to move more precisely on the most complex surfaces. Artificial intelligence and computing systems must learn to deal with such obstacles, because robots are created not only for rescue operations, but also for space missions, and during them will be lurking various threats.

ATLAS and Valkyrie are equipped with the most modern LiDAR system. Thanks to it, they can map the surrounding space in real-time mode, which allows them to better plan the route and to move more efficiently in a simulated environment. In the following footage you can see how robots tread on bricks and overcome narrow spaces, while maintaining balance.

The company Boston Dynamics, which for some time is owned by the Japanese giant SoftBank, does not hide that it sees its humanoid robot not only in the implementation of rescue operations, but also the mission for the army. Meanwhile, NASA plans to send the Valkyrie to the International Space Station, and later to the Moon and Mars, where all the units of such robots will help the colonizers to build the first human colonies and space mining.


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