The first voices to The Ice Queen 2 Gloomy And even better

The first voices to “The Ice Queen 2”: Gloomy! And even better?

In keeping with the World Premiere of “The Ice Queen 2” in Los Angeles there is also the first Twitter reactions. The majority of votes is excited about to be emphasized that the animated sequel is gloomier among other things, than its predecessor.

The first votes are almost completely agree with “The Ice Queen 2” succeeded as already with the acclaimed predecessor a big hit Disney. The only question is: How well the sequel is really?

The first votes are almost completely agree with “The Ice Queen 2” succeeded as already with the acclaimed predecessor a big hit Disney.

Perhaps the most critical voice in front. Film critic Scott Mendelson, who writes for the business magazine Forbes, is the movie good, but not as good as the first part. The songs were – with two exceptions – not so successful because they are used to redundantly to explain character motivations.

#Frozen2 is good, of not as good as the first. It looks great and has delightful banter, but the story feels like “dark sequel” Mad Libs (without the courage of its convictions). With two exceptions, the songs aren’t very good, playing as redundant “explain my motivation” tunes.

Even Mendelson noted that the film is darker than “The Ice Queen”. We find the same in some of the first votes. So Drew Taylor refers Moviefone it, the story is more complex and adult.

Loved #Frozen2. It’s a darker, more complex and more emotionally mature story, continuing everything you love about the first movie and upping the ante while maintaining the intimacy of the original. Gorgeous animation, wonderful new characters and (FINALLY) a Kristoff song! ❄️

Also Skyler Shuler of the Disney fan site The DisInsider calls the more mature side. For him is also very clear: “The ice queen 2” is better than its predecessor!

I can’t believe I am saying this, but FROZEN 2 is better than its predecessor. Darker, a little more mature, but still an excellent film for families, the songs believe it or not are catchier, so parents beware. SEE THIS MOVIE! #Frozen2

The joins with slight reservation Kevin polowy. The now working for Yahoo former MTV journalist still adorns a little with the comparison because he had seen the first part about 4,000 times, but “The Ice Queen 2” was then stop but just as good, “if not better.”

It’s hard to compare since I’ve seen Frozen 1 roughly 4,000 times with my girls but I think Frozen 2 might be just as good, if not better… it’s really funny and as sweet and moving as you’d expect. The Kristoff song (and accompanying visuals) had me in stitches.

While we have initially pointed out that Scott Mendelson does not find the songs consistently succeeded praises another colleague. Jason Guerrasio from Business Insider, there is even a worthy “Let It Go” -Ohrwurm successor:

#Frozen2 is a worthy sequel. Inspiring story. Elsa rides a water horse and it’s breathtaking. The song “Into the Unknown” is primed to be “Let It Go”-like addictive (sorry parents). And there’s even an ‘80s ballad… sung my Weezer in the end credits! Get ready!!!

TV presenter Clayton Davis refers primarily to the fact that there are many songs. And he praised the look of the film:

#Frozen2 embarks as not just an evolution of its characters, but it sincerely acknowledges that it’s fanbase has grown over the last 6 years, and they have new things to learn in a changing world. Songs are plentiful. Beautiful shots at times. It was something I REALLY needed.

That “The Ice Queen 2” probably not only damn good looks (which must be at a Disney-scale production so expect), but also touches Alisha Grauso turns out. You have cried at least three times fmovies.

#Frozen2 is breathtakingly beautiful and leans in on empowerment for its characters. I cried at least 3 times. From the story to the last thread on Elsa’s dress, the care and love put into it shows. And, good news, every one of Team Elsa gets at least one solo this time around.

By the way, we have learned from the first voices also another thing: There’s a guy scene!

There’s a guy scene!

“The ice queen 2” comes on November 20, 2019 in German cinemas.

“The ice queen 2” comes on November 20, 2019 in German cinemas.


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