Trump’s Ban costs a fortune. Huawei will produce 20 million smartphones less, and the future of Honor 20 is uncertain

Trump’s Ban costs a fortune. Huawei will produce 20 million smartphones less, and the future of Honor 20 is uncertain


Trump’s Huawei blacklisting was a huge blow to the company. We all knew that this decision must affect the sale of smartphones, but it was difficult to talk about any specific numbers.

According to Bloomberg, Huawei will sell significantly fewer smartphones outside of China than in previous years. The number of devices is to fall from 60 to 40 million, it’s not even the best pros from anything that happened, the Chinese, nothing happened will be difficult to explain nicely.

Huawei considers various scenarios including the recall of Honor 20 from the sale.

The company wants to minimize the negative consequences of the decision of the American president. According to Bloomberg’s sources, one of the methods is to be withdrawn from foreign Honora 20 markets. His premiere will take place in selected European countries on June 21 and will be closely watched by the company’s management. If it turns out that the model will sell below expectations, it will be withdrawn. In this context, the mystery of the fate of Honor 20 becomes more meaningful.

Ren Zhengfei, founder of Huawei, confirmed that last month by 40 percent. the number of smartphones sold abroad has decreased. According to his predictions, the company’s revenues may fall by 30 billion dollars compared to those anticipated. Fortunately, the future is not only in black, but more like Rembrandt’s paintings, dark but with distinctly lighter points.

Huawei is doing well in China. The appetite of the company in 2019 includes the acquisition of half of the huge Chinese market and it has a chance thanks to a new strategy involving, among other things, more aggressive marketing campaigns. A year ago, Huawei was one of the big Chinese five companies that recorded an increase in smartphone sales.

Huawei must be more made in China.

The company was convinced that it is dangerous to rely so heavily on foreign technologies. Therefore, they have accelerated the work on the Huawei operating system that has been developed for several years. Interest in Hong Kong was expressed by other Chinese companies such as Oppo, Xiaomi or Vivo.

Donald Trump is a man who is not known for predictability and likes to surprise. The American president is known for the fact that when he says A, then he can say then, D, or K. Before the Chinese companies, obviously primarily before Huawe, there is an entire alphabet of hard to predict scenarios.

In spite of more and more disturbing reports, Huawei does what he can to convince the whole world that he will manage, he is prepared for everything, and the sky has not fallen on anyone’s head. However, it is difficult for Chinese people to completely dispel doubts. Especially in the face of the latest reports and estimates.


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